My friends and I attended the preview of "On Golden Pond" at our wonderful Coastal Repertory Theatre last Thursday and were thoroughly impressed by the superb acting, meticulous set design and subtle lighting. What a treasure we have here in our small town.

A large audience greeted the players with resounding applause. Don't miss it! The play concludes on Feb. 16.

June Baxter

Half Moon Bay


Drones fly over slippery slope of invasions

Clay Lambert again makes an important case for restricting surveillance technologies such as the drones that the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office wishes to acquire (Review, Jan. 29).

It’s easy to identify the slippery slope that we are on with the purchase of each new surveillance technology, the case always being made that this will make it easier to catch the “bad” guys. The public in general acquiesces naively thinking we have nothing to hide. We are not the “bad” guys, but laws change or are reinterpreted and the definition of “bad” changes.

What happens then when immigrants become suspected criminals and rapists, Muslims become suspected terrorists, laws restricting women’s reproductive rights are passed, membership and affiliation with certain social or political parties become suspect, restrictions on peaceful assembly such as protests are enacted, what we watch, read, say, and listen to become the purview of new laws and regulations?

Law enforcement will then as now want the latest technology to do their job. It’s a slippery slope.

David Beck




Access to coastline belongs to all

Some wealthy people become philanthropists and work to better the world, while some are selfish. With a net worth of over a billion dollars, Vinod Khosla seems to be in the latter category.

By trying to make Martin’s Beach his own private shore, he seeks to overturn the will of the voters.

In 1972, California voted to protect the coast. I collected signatures to get Prop. 20 on the ballot.

We want access to our magnificent coast, instead of locking it up as enclaves for the wealthy few.

Bill Collins


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