Dear Editor:

Four years ago, I joined Adam Eisen on election night to celebrate his win to Half Moon Bay City Council. The mood of that evening turned dark, however, as we realized what was happening in the national election. I have been grateful to have Adam on the City Council and, particularly, serving as mayor during what has been the most difficult year of my life. Adam’s hands-on leadership, empathetic communication, responsiveness and interest in engaging with all in the community has helped our city navigate these times.

Adam has learned and mastered how local government works. He has learned the realities of municipal budgets, the bureaucracy of land-use planning and the complicated web of agencies that we have to coordinate with when faced with challenges like beach closures, maintenance and traffic. He has made the connections and earned the endorsements of county, state, and federal elected officials. These relationships help drive resources, force decisions, and bring about the partnerships that are necessary when Half Moon Bay needs assistance.

Adam Eisen has more than earned a second term. We want council members who not only recognize problems and have big ideas, but who can understand how to implement them. Adam is committed to his family, this community, and to working to make this place even better.

We need to increase diversity in our elected bodies. It is unfortunate that these district elections mean that some run unopposed, while good candidates compete for the same votes. I support Adam as the only father of young kids on the City Council; the only candidate who understands the realities of homeschooling. I appreciate his experience. And this Nov. 3, I am looking forward to actually being able to celebrate with Adam as we see him reelected, as well as change in the White House.

Brian Holt

Half Moon Bay

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