It’s not every day an entire community has the opportunity to change so much for the better all at one time. Thursday is such a day.

May 6 is Coastside Gives 2021. It’s a one-day giving marathon designed to benefit 58 nonprofits from Montara to Pescadero that together form the safety net that supports the San Mateo County coast.

It’s not an entirely new concept; the local effort is inspired by the savvy marketers at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation which created a similar one-day effort in 2016. Coastside Gives is led by the Mavericks Community Foundation and Kelly Hoffman-Davis, who happens to be on the board of directors of Coastside News Group Inc., our parent organization. It’s a case of one worthwhile organization helping dozens of others in a truly virtuous circle.

The idea is to create a sense of urgency and focus, similar to what the local public television station does during its annual campaign. Participating local agencies — from the most well-known and long- established to little known, more niche groups — create a buzz among friends, on social media and everywhere else aimed at filling coffers that go a long way all year long. Your job is to click through the many deserving organizations and decide where to give your hard-earned contribution. In doing so, we bet you learn a lot about the many good things going on along the coast.

Helping the organizations that help us is always important, but it’s perhaps never been more important than it is right now. Organizations like Coastside Hope and Puente have been stretched beyond belief by myriad needs exacerbated by the pandemic and the economic crisis it brought. Many groups lost their regular fundraising opportunities when events like the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival were put on pause through the pandemic. And all of them are staffed by human beings — your neighbors — who have been distracted by the realities of our moment. They are helping kids learn from home, scheduling vaccines, perhaps even caring for family affected by the crisis.

They need your help. Now more than ever.

— Clay Lambert

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