Since 1898, the Half Moon Bay Review has provided the community with local news. With this week’s paper we are kicking off our big subscription drive, and in doing so, we will be doubling the Review’s circulation. This is important to us because we want this community to be more engaged with the newspaper and to have access to community news. We want you to read about what’s happening on the Coastside from a source you can trust and to engage with us with your letters to the editor and opinion pieces.

If you are getting this newspaper today, it’s either because you already are a loyal subscriber or because you are part of a group that we’ve selected to sample the Review for a few weeks. Each month we will select a new sample group and this is your turn. We’ve made it easy for you to subscribe by going online to set up your subscription at — or you can just call us at (650) 726-4424 and we’ll set it up for you.

Having the Review delivered to your home each week means you can read it and share it with your family. You can put away your phone, pull yourself (and perhaps your kids) away from your screens and have a print edition anyone in the family can pick up anytime during the week to enjoy at their leisure. When you subscribe to the print edition, you get online access for free, so you will be able to check out breaking news alerts and updates whenever you wish.

We’ve all been made aware recently of the downside of social media, especially when used as a news source. Whether you enjoy sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Nextdoor for connecting with friends and finding out about your neighbor’s lost cat, you still need a reliable news source, and that’s us. Whether you enjoy getting national and state news on TV at night or online during the day, the place to find your community news is here.

So, while a print newspaper in your home may seem a bit retro at first, we think it’s a good time to get back to basics. Your engagement as a reader is what will keep this newspaper and community journalism alive.

Remember, it’s your town, your news, your Half Moon Bay Review.

Debra Hershon is the publisher of the Half Moon Bay Review.

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Thank you Debra and my sincerest thanks to the entire review staff. You folks do such an incredible job, and your work is read and respected by four generations of Stockman's.

August West

"dependable journalism" LOL

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