Debra Hershon

You may — or may not — notice a change in the physical dimensions of your Half Moon Bay Review this week. While the length of the paper is the same, the width of the Review is half an inch narrower. This new size is a more standard newsprint size, and the change was necessary because our printer is finding it increasingly difficult to find steady sources for newsprint to meet our needs at the old size.

The difference in width is small enough that many of you won’t even notice, but if you subscribe to other newspapers, you can hold them up to each other and see that the Review is now the same size as the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times, to name a few.

Readers won’t see a change in coverage, story length or paper quality. And making this change now will save us from a last-minute scramble when the old paper size becomes unavailable.

Also, with this issue, we are tightening up our sections due to limited sports coverage during COVID-19. This change to a larger A section from having separate A and B sections is temporary. By tightening up our pages, we are able to do away with wasteful filler ads and give more focus to the ads paid for by clients.

While all of us have tightened our belts a bit to get through the next few months of this pandemic, we do look forward to spring and summer when local sports will hopefully start up again.

We look forward to mid-2021 and relaunching a healthy B section filled with the smiling faces of our Coastside youth and sports teams at play.

Debra Hershon is publisher of the Half Moon Bay Review.

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I am enjoying the new energized Review. I think you could expand more in some areas [not size].

John Charles Ullom

The Contact Page for the Review is hopelessly outdated: --

None of the email addresses are correct. People who no longer work for the Review are featured. Current reporters aren't listed. No way to contact them. The listed Publisher is not the Publisher.

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