We don’t usually weigh in on politics in Washington, D.C. Generally, we’re content with our own more parochial problems. But it’s not every day that a mob bent on upending our democratic tradition forces its way into the U.S. Capitol and puts its jack-booted heels up on the desk belonging to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

So, please stand up, Reps. Ken Calvert, Mike Garcia, Darrell Issa, Doug LaMalfa, Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes and Jay Obernolte. These men are the California Republican members of the House of Representatives who continued to support baseless conspiracy theories and to challenge the legally certified November election even after their invading horde of supporters overwhelmed police and vandalized their own offices.

And why, pray tell, would representatives of an otherwise blue state see red over their mere duty to count electoral college votes?

Here’s what Garcia, who represents northern Los Angeles County, said in an opinion piece published in the Antelope Valley Times two days before the violence. “I have examined all available evidence in several states currently being disputed, and I have digested the constitutional arguments from both sides of this discussion. We are clearly in the midst of a constitutional collision …” he writes. “I serve and fight for the Constitution.”

He must have an extremely strong constitution to digest that malarkey. He, of course, cited no evidence in his piece because there is none.

For his part, LaMalfa — fresh from an embarrassing performance on CNN in which he mentioned the 1969 moon landing when asked about the election (you can look it up) — valiantly told his hometown newspaper, the Appeal Democrat, that he “can’t be cowed” by the mob he helped incite. Such courage!

Then there is the House minority leader. Six months ago, McCarthy appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox television show to air his concerns about the destruction of public property during protests in places like Portland, Ore. He was introducing legislation that would withhold federal funds from state and local governments that didn’t protect statues to his satisfaction.

“Why,” he asked Hannity with furrowed brow, “don’t they have greater regard for the rule of law instead of encouraging the mob to tear it down?”

Well, now the shoe is on the right foot instead of the left.

McCarthy and friends continue to appease the president and the rabble he inspires with vague references to something sinister in those big, blue cities. They are not worthy of their titles. They take their tenuous position on this slippery mountain of manure because they are afraid. They fear their place in a browner America that won’t convey them status at birth. They worry that a true American meritocracy will not favor people who still think the moon landing might have been faked. And they know it’s about to be more difficult for con artists, grifters and rubes to wield influence both in the District of Columbia and the districts they represent at home.

Of course, Calvert, Garcia, Issa, LaMalfa, McCarthy, Nunes and Obernolte merely represent the tip of the spear held by some nut wearing animal skins as he plunders his way through the U.S. Capitol. Voting them out of office won’t fix what is broken in our democracy. But it’s a start.

— Clay Lambert

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Some history on Democratic forgiveness of left-wing terrorism.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler in 1983 entreated President Clinton to pardon terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber in 1983 in an attempt to massacre Republican senators.

On his final day in office, Jan. 20, 2001, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentence of Rosenberg serving time for bombing the U.S. Capitol building, though her action resulted in no deaths this 1983 blast shattered the second floor of the Senate wing.

Rosenberg is now a notorious left-wing activist, residing on the board of Thousand Currents which, incidentally, poured $10 million into causes for social justice including Black Lives Matter to advance their brand of Marxism.

A Smithsonian historian described Rosenberg’s terrorist group M19 as an “offshoot” of Weather Underground, the domestic terror group led by Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol in the 1970s and now lives as a prominent academic. Mr. Ayers openly associated with Obama prior to his presidency.

The Rosenberg case fits a pattern of a long, expanding catalog of left-wing acts of terrorism either excused or endorsed by Democrats and their allies in corporate media (Portland, Seattle?). These fine, upstanding pols now condemn the violent attacks on the U.S. Capitol that came from right-wing extremists last week. Hypocrisy perhaps?

uffish thought

More truthfully, "it’s not every day that a mob bent on upending our democratic tradition forces its corruption into the U.S. election process to put its jack-booted heels up on the desk belonging to the President of the United States."

Basic ethics dictate that if you can't win an election without corruption and cheating, you didn't win.

If you can't make your own extremist policies palatable and must resort to propaganda by Pravda-like, single Party media, then your policies should be scorned along with the liars spouting them.

If for over four years, your intolerance of the results of a fair 2016 election compels you to harass the winner by dishonestly smearing, investigating, and impeaching him non-stop, you don't deserve to live in a democratic Republic, much less lecture the rest of us.

John Charles Ullom

uffish. Do you believe the cause Ashlie Babbitt died for is true? Do you believe that there was a massive Leftwing, Drive By Media, Deep State, Politically Correct Judiciary, and a bunch of RINOs conspiracy to rig the election in a manner that screwed Trump but somehow resulted in a huge loss in the House?

Do you think that Mike Pence is a coward? Do you believe that William Barr is a swamp creature? Do wonder if Mitch McConnell is a traitor? Do you suspect Kevin McCarthy of being and idiot? Do you agree that the 10 Republican who voted for impeachment were paid 30 pieces of silver?


Hmmmm? Palo Alto viewpoints for a rural newspaper? Might give more thought to the readers you’re supposed to serve!

Steve Hyman

John, you’re trying to put words in Clays mouth.

He did not differentiate between Trump supporters and the idiots who stormed the capital. That’s why I started off my comment by saying Clay showed a poor choice of words.

And he insulted a lot of people and should apologize. I personally took offense.

I think we’ve talked this to death.

Steve Hyman

John, all I said was I was insulted that Clay referred to people Trump inspirers as "rabble". I don't have time to get into a back and forth on all this mayhem that's been plaguing our country for past 8 months and according to our vp-elect who said on Colbert it will continue. I've become numb to all this chaos

Steve Hyman

John Clay said " McCarthy and friends continue to appease the president and the rabble he inspires..."

I supported President Trump and I resent being refered to as rabble. The numbers I mentioned were people who voted for him. I don't want to get into an arguement on the election other than to say I don't agree with the results but accept the outcome

John Charles Ullom

Steve, look at what Clay worte:

"...and the rabble he inspires.."

He did not say all people who support Trump are rabble. He said the rabble that invaded the capital was inspired by Trump.

The rabble that stormed the Capitol, that chanted "Hang Mike Pence", that built the gallows, that planned to rape and kill on Parler, that beat on police with flagpoles sporting Old Glory, were inspired by a lie. They don't accept the outcome. They believe that the President is telling them the Truth when the President rants about Communists stealing the election. And some of they died for the lie.

As for McCarthy, he has come to his senses and has articulated the best method of handling our lying President's behaviour. Censur. Impeachment is warranted but too divisive. In the end, it won't happen.


Steve. The riot happened because those people, good people most of them, believed the President when the President told them that if they didn't fight, they would lose their Country. As the riot was unfolding, the President Tweeted about how Mike Pence was a Coward. As the riot was happening, Trump told those people he loved them and understood their pain and then Tweeted rationalizations based on the lie about a massive Left Wing, RINO, Deep State, conspiracy that even his own judges refuse to acknowledge.

Clay did not insult you Steve. He accurately described the behavior of a few elected Trump enablers. And you refuse to respond to the simple question. Do you believe the lie that motivated Ashlie Babbitt to sacrifice her life?


John Charles Ullom

There are left wing protesters and there are tight wing protesters. Nothing wrong with either. And there are left wing rioters along with right wing rioters. Which are worse. Finally we have people who went to protest but got caught up in the rage and became rioters.

Ashlie Babbitt was a good person. She loved her country. She put her life on the line for it. She was told by President Trump that unless she fought like REDACTED, she would lose the country she was willing to die for.

Why did Ashlie Babbitt become a traitor and who radicalized her? What cause did she die for? And why did her Commander in Chief wait hours to tell such as her to stand down? Why did her commander in chief not deploy the National Guard the minute he saw what was happening?

Was Ashlie Babbitt a Terrorist or Patriot? What did she die for? Why were some Trump supporters so angry that they beat on cops with flag poles, stun guns, and fire extinguishers? Whey did the President Tweet his love for them? Why did he keep repeating the lie that motivated them?

Steve Hyman

Clay, you may not like the congressman you mentioned but their constituents do as many have served in congress for a long time. I’m sure the editors of their local papers don’t like many of our Bay Area leaders and who knows what they print. There’s certainly plenty of things to pick on.

You really should be more careful with your choice of words calling 6 million California voters or 75 million Americans and many coastsiders rabble. It’s really insulting and you should apologize.

John Charles Ullom

Steve, where did Clay say anything about the 6 million and or 75 million? I read the artic le twice. I can't find it. I can find his criticism of specific elected and their specific statements. I see noting in the editorial about you.

Is it your opinion that any criticism directed at a politician is an attack on said politics voters? If so, really?

Steve, do you believe that there was a vast left wing conspiracy to steal the election? Have you seen the evidence? If so, can you point me to the most compelling part.

Steve, you have viscously attacked Clay with accusation he insulted you. I don't see it. Please explain.

uffish thought

All summer long, Left Wing politicians sat back and allowed - some say encouraged - rioters to attack Federal buildings and property. They refused to criticize the violence or allow police to stop it. After all, chaos in an election year was to their benefit. Citizens were intimidated, threatened, injured, and killed in the riots.

Yet all of a sudden, Leftist politicians got religion, condemning one riot in particular at one Federal building in particular: the Capitol Building. Their newly minted golden halos certainly do blind the eye!

Why the turnabout? Because this time the anger is at their own party? Because the elite class suffered fear like thousands of regular citizens? Or mainly because the Left has been waiting for another excuse for revenge at a President who survived all their baseless attempts to remove him, including their embarrassing sham impeachment following a two year investigation that came up empty-handed as well.

The time was almost gone to kick this man again so they broke all the rules rushing another baseless shampeachment through in their inimitably undemocratic and unconstitutionally fashion. Sorry but it's not a legal impeachment, not that these cheaters care.

In spite of the fact that NOTHING in Trump's speech** encouraged anything but a peaceful march, the Left's MO is to label Trump a criminal so whoever objects will feel the heat as well. Squash the movement by dirtying the leader.

The effort to silence the opposition is fully unleashed now, carried out by publishers such as Twitter, Google, Facebook (no longer 'platforms'), broadcast media, and liberal newspapers. You see it with their divisive labeling tactics, calling not just the rioters "jack boots" but extending the derogatory terms to everyday Trump voters whom they also fake-label as racists and conspiracy nuts. They ignore the many reasons why 75 million people who support President Trump might distrust results from the 2020 free-for-all election process.

The powers that be have also teamed up with financial institutions to restrict donations to the opposition, attempting to starve them out through defunding. And they actually banned the President of the United States of America from commenting! Again, no evidence. Just using the mob rule insanity orchestrated by multinational powers that even the President couldn't stop.

The Left's heavy-fisted approach may work on the easily-duped, but thinking people know that those attempting to intimidate and harass others into silence are the real totalitarians and fascists.

** read the speech before replying. Those rioters were already breaking in before Trump's speech was getting under way.


John Charles Ullom

uffish, do you believe there was a vast left wing conspiracy to rig the election? Of the 60 cases filed, which do you think had the most compelling evidence?

uffish, if I were to post fantasies about raping congress women and executing Mike Pence, would you hope somebody deleted them? And if I kept doing it, would you not hope there was some push back on the part of the platform moderators? And if the platform I used was allowing hundreds of people to post plans for a terrorist act against Americans and our government, would you hold it against the providers of the service used by such a platform by choosing not to do business with them?

uffish, do you really believe the lies being told by our President? Ashlie Babbitt did. She believed our President when he said the elections was rigged. She believed our President when he said that this would be free and fair election? She believed our President when he said she had to fight or she would lose her country.

Do you believe that too?

August West

Utterly hilarious progressive blather.

When you cannot handle opponents, what does that say about you?

John Charles Ullom

Do you believe Trump's lies?

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