Millie Anne Koomas passed away suddenly at her home in Moss Beach on Dec. 21, the winter solstice and Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, at the age of 70. She was born in San Jose to Esther and Joseph Pacheco in 1950, joining older siblings Lorraine and David. Millie spent much of her childhood visiting Martin’s Beach and Half Moon Bay with her family, cementing her love for the Coastside.

Millie moved to Moss Beach after marrying Michael Koomas. That is where they raised their two children, Joey and Alyssa. Millie was exceptionally creative. She was a certified archival picture framer, running Coastal Cottage Framing for many decades, and later worked in interior design. She loved her historic home and was known to scare away trick-or-treaters on Halloween with her over-the-top decorations.

She was sweet, wily and an absolute marvel. Her exuberant, generous, kind and adventurous spirit never went unnoticed; she made friends wherever she went. Her determination was legendary. That, along with a kidney donation from her son, helped her battle primary amyloidosis for 15 years.

Millie loved spending time with friends and family, working on her home and garden, and had equal love for the foggy Coastside, sunshine of San Jose, and the tropical breezes of Maui. Her life was dedicated to her children and four grandchildren, Nico, Micah, Zephyr and Noa, as well as her loving sister, Lorraine, her partner-in-crime, who was always by her side, supporting, nurturing, loving and saving her. She will be forever missed.

Please email Alyssa at if you’d like to be notified of memorial services for Millie.

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