U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria has granted a motion to dismiss a wrongful death claim made by the daughter of Sandra Harmon, who was killed by San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies in Half Moon Bay in 2020.

Sarah Gatliff brought four claims against Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Deputy James Goulart, District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, and the Sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices.

Chhabria ruled Gatliff didn’t have standing to pursue the claims on the basis of her complaint. She now has until Nov. 16 to amend her complaint if she wishes to pursue the case further.

Harmon was killed in a parking lot off of Main Street after unusual behavior that included carrying a gun through downtown and warning bystanders of impending violence. Responding deputies encountered her coming out of a motorhome and say they were forced to shoot when she raised the gun in their direction.

— from staff reports

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uffish thought

How can Sandra's own daughter not have standing? More info, please.


"All of the recent shootings [including Sandra Harmon's] will be evaluated by prosecutors under a new state law that raised the use of force standard from 'reasonable' to 'necessary.'

" 'And that's what the new law is trying to establish, at least consider other alternatives, but in the end, the job is to save the officer's life, or the third party's life, if necessary,' said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, whose office is investigating the shootings involving sheriff's deputies and South San Francisco police."

I guess that didn't happen in Sandra's case. :^(


John Charles Ullom

Sandra Harmon was shot in her back while her hands were above her head. The DA and the Sheriff have successfully covered up the murder of Sandra Harmon by Deputy Dominguez: -- https://youtu.be/TT6zIH4PAYg

The bullets that killed Sandra Harmon entered her body and a nearly perpendicular angle. Her back was square to Deputy Dominguez when he fired five shots at her. Her gun, which was above her head for the first three shots, was spinning on the ground when the fifth shot was taken.

Wagstaffe offered a guess that contradicts the Deputy's testimony. Notice how Wagstaffe blows off the issue: -- https://youtu.be/Vmij2TSFfR4

Here is the sequence of event that depicts the time frame where Wagstaffe "guesses" Sandra Harmon was fatally shot in the back. If you watch it, and it is horrible, ask yourself how the bullets could have entered Sandra's back at a perpendicular angle: -- https://youtu.be/lsk2oORWVH0

If Sandra Harmon had not been white and powerless, there would have been outrage. But as she is white and has no power, nor does her family, her murder has no potential to gin up ratings. The media and the civil rights clique' don't care. Key video is missing yet nobody cares that Sandra Harmon was shot three time in her back while her hands were above her head as she tried to surrender. The Sheriff has withheld evidence and the DA isn't asking any questions. The media doesn't find the story compelling. And civil rights don't apply to white women who are having a mental health crises.

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