Two are honored

Chad English and Mike Nielsen were honored at Wilkinson School last week. Photo courtesy Michelle Scott

On Friday, the Wilkinson School board of directors honored school founders Ed and Linda Wilkinson to create two new awards: the “True Woo Award” and the “Wilkinson School Spirit Award.”

The Wilkinsons are known affectionately among the school community as “the Woos,” said board president Michelle Scott. The True Woo Award is given to someone who demonstrates significant empathy, diplomacy, wisdom, and leadership, and the Wilkinson School Spirit Award is given to someone who demonstrates a commendable dedication to the school by virtue of their time, energy, love and devotion, Scott said.

During the school’s annual gratitude brunch, an El Granada father of two, Chad English, was given the True Woo Award, and Mike Nielsen, who lives in Miramar and also has two children, was given the Wilkinson School Spirit Award.

“Chad and Mike served on the school’s board as chair and vice chair for several years, during many challenging transitions including the COVID-19 pandemic,” Scott wrote in an email to the Review. “They led the school from shaky times of uncertainty to better times full of possibility. They did not act for financial compensation, recognition or personal gain. They did so in order to give back, and because they are generous, honorable men.”

— from staff reports

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Involved and supportive parents yield happy, healthy kids who are getting a good education.

John Charles Ullom

Yep. Not sure why most folks don't get that. Parents are the number one factor in the outcome of a child's education. Period. Not teachers. Not government. Not the media. Not God.

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