Half Moon Bay Airport is a destination, with pilots flying in for lunch or to spend a few hours in town. Aviators in training may also come to practice a touch-and-go landing. However, these flights can be noisy and disruptive for residents on the coast. 

In response, on Thursday, San Mateo County started a noise abatement program and released 11 videos showing pilots how to reduce noise and “fly friendly” in and out of Half Moon Bay and San Carlos airports.  

“It’s one of the first big steps we’re taking,” Airport Communications Specialist Davi Howard said in an interview.

Howard came up with the idea for these instructional videos and has been working on them for about a year and a half. 

Howard hopes that by reaching out to airports nearby, such as those in Monterey and Napa, and directing pilots originating there to the videos, these pilots will have “noise abatement on their mind.”

“One of the things we found is people are very much for the noise abatement,” he said. “They are very open and receptive to trying to be as noise-friendly as possible, but our problem is the people that aren’t based here. … They leave from their home base and we never get a chance to get to interact with them.”

The videos supplement a brochure the Airport Division plans to distribute at other airports. People can review the brochure to see the procedures and then scan the QR code or visit smcgov.org and navigate to the airport website to watch the videos.

“Our hope is that pilots will view the videos before they visit our airports to familiarize themselves with local knowledge and our voluntary arrival and departure routes,” said Half Moon Bay Airport Manager Gretchen Kelly in a press release. “And the videos are just beautiful. Everybody can enjoy the view of the coast near Half Moon Bay or flying over the city of San Francisco.” 

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