Tree trimming causes delays on Highway 1

Tree trimming on Highway 1 has backed up traffic.

Updated 4:15 p.m.: Tree trimming along Highway 1 this week is causing major backups on the Coastside’s only major transportation artery. Caltrans’ work to remove and trim trees in the Miramar and Frenchman’s Creek areas is slated to last from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. through Friday of this week. 

Caltrans spokesperson Alejandro Lopez said Caltrans is assisting San Mateo County Firesafe with eucalyptus tree removal and one-way traffic control will be in place all week. 

A post from the city of Half Moon Bay says that if work isn’t completed this week in the Miramar section, crews will continue work into next week. 

Meanwhile, traffic on Highway 1 has stalled along the coast, with backups all the way to Highway 1’s intersection with Highway 92 and beyond. At the same time on Tuesday, a collision involving an overturned logging truck closed both lanes on Highway 92 for several hours. 

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here ya' go

Not sure if posting links is permitted, but you can look up scheduled lane closures for Caltrans District 4. So, here ya’ go:


Yes night time or more advance waring...every other day..some break would nice

Graham Charles

Can you ask the officials why they’re not doing this work at night? Or at least 10 to 3, outside of school commute hours? Or why they didn’t post any information on SMC alert? These would be great questions, and no one‘s providing any answers.


You don't say! I like the good old world headlines here, the rest of the planet is crappy enough already.

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