Going down
Prices of gasoline at More For Less in Half Moon Bay are significantly lower today. Clay Lambert / Review

In many ways, Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay appeared normal. Light weekday traffic behaved the speed limit. People smiled and said, “Hello” to one another as they walked past — at a respectful distance, of course. In other ways, it was obvious that this day was not just another day on the coast.

Walk on the beach
It was a perfect day for dogs at Half Moon Bay State Beach on Thursday. Clay Lambert / Review

Locals have reported brisk business on the Coastal Trail. Many people have been out fulfilling the obligation to their Fitbits and Apple watches and even more are out just to catch a ray of sun in these dark times. However, despite perfect conditions for a walk, there were very few people in the vicinity of the closed California State Parks kiosk at 10 a.m.

There were more people on the beach. Dog-walkers, beachcombers and surfers had plenty of space as they enjoyed the elements.

Still farming
Terry Andreotti's ready to do business from her farm stand on Kelly Street. Clay Lambert / Review

Just to the east, Terry Andreotti seemed oblivious to the beach traffic. She was, however, ready to talk to whomever made their way past her Kelly Street farm stand. She was open for business with a variety of fresh, local produce.

Andreotti said she grows about 23 varieties on 60 acres behind the stand. And she’s busy, in a way. She is working farmers markets in Belmont and at San Mateo College, which remain open. She told passersby on Thursday that there hasn’t been much walk-in traffic since the shelter-in-place order, but she is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, at the corner of Kelly and Highway 1, Erik Garcia was busy too. He was changing the signs at More for Less to reflect lower prices for gasoline. How much lower?

“For regular, it’s going down 20 cents,” he said.

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