After two contentious meetings, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance on second reading that prohibits county departments from using any resources or personnel to assist or cooperate with requests from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or any other immigration authorities.

The measure includes prohibitions on communicating information about individuals such as their date of release from custody or their home address to immigration officials. Supervisor Ray Mueller, who represents the coast, cast the lone vote in opposition.

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Thank you Peter Tokofsky for writing this article and including the identity and comments made by County Supervisors Canepa, Corzo and Slocum. It is the accurate and detailed journalism like this that contributes to an informed public. Particularly interesting and revealing were the comments by HMB Councilman Jimenez referencing Supervisor Muller's proposal. Mueller's proposed exemption would be those aliens who committed murder, rape or sexual abuse of a minor. The fact that Noelia Corzo is opposed to this specific exemption is very revealing. It also appears that Noelia Corzo is unfamiliar with the specific enumerated categories for asylum claims. This informative article will certainly be relevant in making voting decisions in future County Supervisor elections.

John Charles Ullom

“The amendments are not anti-immigrant, they’re anti-criminal.” Councilmember Jimenez

True but many would point out that illegal immigrants are breaking the law. On the other hand, the sentiment is right. Not a Muller fanboy and Canepa has the ethics of a Reptile. Muller has this one right. Why would they change the rules when the rules were working? Is Canepa going to be there when they release somebody into our community that should not be among us? I don't care a bit about anybody's immigration status but this is ridiculous.


So thankful to Mueller, unfortunately it wasn't enough. What a shame. David Canepa is a disgrace.

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