Lining up
Coastsiders made an orderly line at Coastside Hope on Friday as the agency had a few hundred COVID-19 vaccinations to deliver. Sarah Wright / Review

Anyone 16 and older in California is now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, but securing an appointment nearby may not be easy.

Thursday and Friday, it appeared few appointments were available locally. The state’s MyTurn signup tool showed no availability near the Coastside or in the Bay Area. Local pharmacy websites like CVS, Rite Aid and Safeway were all booked up on the Coastside.

Appointments were sporadically available through Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health and other local health care providers this week, but many required traveling hours for open appointments.

A county update on Thursday acknowledged the difficulty residents are having in finding local appointments as supply remains limited. The county urges residents to turn to health care providers and local pharmacies that are getting larger numbers of vaccines.

On the South Coast, Puente de la Costa Sur is now accepting appointments via phone for anyone who lives or works in Pescadero, Loma Mar, La Honda or San Gregorio for an April 23 clinic. It requires proof of residency or employment. It is expected to be the last clinic Puente will organize for the South Coast.

Puente Executive Director Rita Mancera said 300 doses will be available to South Coast residents, with nearly half of them booked on Thursday.

There was one local clinic available on the Coastside this week for any residents over 16. On Friday, Coastside Hope hosted a first-come, first-served walk-up only clinic with just 150 first doses for locals who had yet to find an appointment elsewhere.

Executive Director Judith Guerrero said people were lined up Friday morning before the clinic opened to get their shots. By afternoon, things were running quickly.

El Granada resident Maggie Nyquist was one resident in line to get her shot on Friday. Nyquist was nervous about getting the vaccine because she is breastfeeding, and pregnant and breastfeeding women were excluded from the original vaccine trials. But ultimately, protecting those around her took priority.

“It’s really important to my community, so I will do it for them,” Nyquist said.

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