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Ulises Zatarain, left, and Joaquin Jimenez record a new episode of “Domingos en Españo” every Sunday. The program airs on KHMB the following week. The show, which airs exclusively in Spanish, features music and interviews with local guests. Carina Woudenberg / Review 

When you hear the delicate dance of trumpets of “El Niño Perdido” at 8 p.m. on Sundays, you’ll know it’s time for one of KHMB’s newest radio programs. Joaquin Jimenez and Ulises Zatarain are piloting “Domingos en Español” and plan to air the next episode this Sunday.

“We want to have a show and make sure the info works for the community,” Jimenez said.

That includes public service announcements and greetings, interviews with local leaders and community members, and “a little bit of entertainment,” Jimenez said, and it’s all in Spanish.

“There’s a need to provide more Spanish-language programming,” Zatarain said.

The first weekly episode aired March 18, and they plan to have a podcast available at soon.

“I had a gist and understanding of what the production would be like, but not necessarily being front and center,” said Zatarain, who’s overseen media production but has never starred himself.

The hosts’ backgrounds make for an interesting mix in content. Zatarain and Jimenez met while working at Puente de la Costa Sur, and both have extensive experience working in nonprofits and social services.

The first episode featured interviews with community services organization Puente de La Costa Sur Executive Director Rita Mancera and Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga, who is a specialist in Latino mental health and the founder and director of Half Moon Bay’s ALAS cultural arts program.

The March 25 episode introduced a representative from Pie Ranch to talk about the food, farming and other resources offered there, as well as a lawyer to discuss immigration issues.

In the future, they plan to bring on guests from government, business, agriculture and beyond.

“We want to bring on more local community members and leaders to talk to us about their work on the Coastside, and issues and topics that relate to the constituents here,” Zatarain said.

As a community outreach coordinator at Puente and resident of Half Moon Bay, Jimenez is plugged in up and down the Coastside.

“A lot of these guys, we’re going to have them on the radio and tell their stories,” Jimenez said.

“We really want to be of service to the community there in Half Moon Bay and to the Coastside, and provide (listeners) something they can relate to,” Zatarain said. “And music, of course, is very important.” Jimenez chose the instrumental “El Niño Perdido” as a theme. Zatarain said there would be mariachi, banda and new artists too.

“It’s going to be very diverse, from the traditional roots of Latin and Hispanic music to newer age, independent music,” Zatarain said.

They played music by female artists and songwriters in honor of Women’s History Month, featuring Lola Beltrán, Carla Morrison and Natalia LaFourcade, who performed at this year’s Oscars ceremony following her work on the film “Coco.”

“We’re also open to taking suggestions,” Zatarain said. “Hopefully we’ll be flooded with requests. That would be a good problem to have.”

For more information, email Tune in at 100.9 FM.

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