Downed tree

A tree took down power, cable and phone lines to the coast on Sunday. Photo courtesy Comcast

A widespread internet and cellular service outage across the Coastside today was the result of a PG&E service call.

A Comcast representative said this afternoon that its technicians were on the scene of a downed power pole in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

"A large tree took out PG&E power lines and in the course of those repairs, our services were impacted as well," said Joan Hammel, a Comcast spokeswoman.

In an earlier tweet, the cable company said it had to wait for power to be restored before it could work on its equipment. The mishap also affected AT&T as well as Verizon service on the coast.

A PG&E spokeswoman said the work was an attempt to restore power in the area.

"In response to a public safety risk, PG&E crews restoring power near La Honda removed a telecommunications line that was down across a wet roadway..." said PG&E spokeswoman Karly Hernandez.

Hernandez said 52 customers were without power much of the day in the La Honda area as a result of the felled tree. She estimated power would be restored by 5 p.m.

Hammel said there was not yet an estimate as to when all the damage would be repaired, however there were anecdotal reports that internet service was returning on the Coastside.

Clay Lambert is the editorial director for Coastside News Group. After years working at regional daily newspapers, he began as editor of the Half Moon Bay Review in 2004.

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Dan Stegink

Councils that allow their cities to sell monopoly franchise agreements for TELCOM etc due their residents a huge disservice by not allowing competing redundant services. 14 miles N Pacifica takes an $800K+ check from Comcast every year to be the official provider. It ends up being almost a direct passthrough to customers and would be much higher had a Pacifican sued to stop them.


Sonic fiber optic home internet and T-Mobile cell service have operated uninterrupted in HMB for 3+ years straight now.

Get away from Comcast and Verizon as fast as you can. I'm sorry for those that are unable to.

John Charles Ullom

Does anybody have ATT Fiber? I am stuck with Comcast and my 5-G backup was of no use yesterday. Had to go to Jersey Joes to catch the Vikings getting pounded on by the Giants.

Maybe I should have stayed home and read a paperback.


For what it’s worth AT&T fiber and Sonic fiber ar identical. Same lines. Slightly better price with Sonic.


Big Thanks to all repair service teams across the board for their efforts during this winter weather. Cheers.

Zack B

Comcast has no redundancy built into its system. Expect more outages. And call them to get a credit on your bill.


A huge fallen tree took our internet, cell and even landline phone service in La Honda and San Gregorio last week. With the landlines and cell services down many of us have no phone access available for emergency use. I sincerely hope they will prioritize getting basic phone services back in place ASAP. The crews have been seen down here constantly so they’re clearly trying to keep up, hopefully the end of the rain will allow for restoration of our very necessary telecom services.

Sandy Miranda

Thanks for keeping us informed this weekend Clay! Appreciate it very much. Now go have a nice dinner on us.


Agreed and thanks for the updates.

But boy oh boy - a single felled tree took us all out. That is pretty telling.

here ya' go

Lawmakers are too busy helping fill holes that are not technically sink holes to ask why other critical systems are so vulnerable.

John Charles Ullom

If it is that critical, get a backup satellite connection. Or move someplace more flat. We live here for various reasons. Convenience is not one of them!

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