Shovels in the ground

Developers, city leaders and history buffs broke ground on the rebuilding of the Occidental Hotel on Purissima Street in Half Moon Bay on Tuesday. Built in 1860, the hotel was once the end of the stage coach line. Developers plan to recreate some of its spirit with a new version now under construction. From left, Donna Colson, who is involved with the San Mateo County History Association, Half Moon Bay City Councilmember Deborah Penrose, architect Hermann Diederich, longtime businesswoman Bev Cunha Ashcraft, local businessman Cameron Palmer, and former Mayor Naomi Patridge take part in the groundbreaking ceremony. Adam Pardee / Review

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Zack B

Sometimes a picture is not worth a thousand words and this is the case with this one.

Who is the developer?

Who is the owner?

Who is bankrolling the project?

Who will run the hotel?

How many rooms will the hotel have?

Will the hotel have a restaurant?

Will the existing home at 415 Purissima be integrated into the hotel or will it remain a separate residence?

What about parking? [I believe this was resolved about a year ago when the HMB planning commission granted a parking exception, but it could, nonetheless, be a problem]

Is there sufficient demand for another hotel on the Coastside?

How will this hotel affect the nearby hotels/B&Bs [Zabala House; Half Moon Bay Inn; Mill Rose Inn]

Other than possibly the architect, what do the other folks in the photo have to do with this project?

The Occidental Hotel was located on Kelly Avenue opposite the Dutra Mortuary. It was the hotel's annex that was located at this Purissima Street location.

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