Updated Sept. 20 8:50 a.m.: San Mateo County Sheriff’s investigators responded to Cunha Intermediate School on Thursday after students told school officials they heard rumors of a shooting, a school official said. Sheriff’s investigators subsequently learned those rumors were unfounded.

Cabrillo Unified School District Superintendent Sean McPhetridge said he learned of the concerns about mid-day on Thursday and rushed to the school. He said the rumors originated with “a couple” of students who heard something off campus in the community a day earlier. San Mateo County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Rosemerry Blankswade said that a few students heard from a third party information about a shooting, but it's unclear what exactly was heard because the person was standing out of range of what the kids could hear.  

Sheriff’s deputies investigated the concern and determined there was no credible threat to students or the school, and the school day continued as usual. "There was no merit to the report," Blankswade said.

An email prepared for the school community reads in part, “A person in the community … made concerning comments that were overheard by a student” on Wednesday afternoon. One or more students discussed those concerning comments with school officials on Thursday morning. That is when Sheriff’s deputies were called to investigate.

The email says there have been “a number of exaggerated rumors” but that there is no cause for alarm at this time.

"We want to educate our parents and student bodies and know that we take these allegations seriously," Blankswade said. "People should not report false claims because it does waste resources." 

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