Story poles
Story Poles were put up to show the scope of future construction on the corner of Mill and Purissima streets in Half Moon Bay. Adam Pardee / Review

A new two-story building is going up in downtown Half Moon Bay at Purissima Street and Mill Street.

The building, which will be a 9,235-square-foot residential and commercial building, went before the Half Moon Bay Planning Commision on Monday night.

The property owner, Professional Peninsula Properties, LLC., proposed two commercial tenant spaces on the first floor and five new dwelling units would be built on the second floor, including four two-bedroom units and one one-bedroom unit. Five off-street parking spaces are part of the draft plan.

A staff report concluded the proposed development fits with the Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan, which is currently being updated. The same staff report determined the building also fits the commercial-general designation in the city’s General Plan and the 2015-2023 Certified Housing Element.

In order to complete construction, two separate lots must be merged and the existing building where story poles are now erected will have to be demolished.

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