The Peninsula Open Space Trust has transferred ownership of 87 acres at Wavecrest to the Coastside Land Trust. Photo courtesy POST

More than 10 years after the Peninsula Open Space Trust bought and protected much of the land once slated to become the Wavecrest Village development, POST has announced it is transferring the land to Coastside Land Trust to continue that preservation.

Marti Tedesco, POST’s chief marketing officer, said on Friday that the move “seemed like a natural fit.” Coastside Land Trust has been creating and maintaining trails on the property for hiking and coastal access and is closer to the area, she said.

“This land transfer is another step toward an entirely new chapter in Wavecrest’s history,” said POST President Walter Moore in a prepared statement. “What was once a railroad passage is bit by bit becoming protected open space that combines recreational access with a preserved scenic corridor and sensitive natural habitat. All creatures who love the coast and live here will benefit from this permanent conservation.”

Tedesco said that Coastside Land Trust is paying about $230,000, and Jo Chamberlain, executive director of Coastside Land Trust, said it might cost a little less than that. The transfer includes a little more than 87 acres, and POST will retain about 87 acres that are mostly used for crop or hay operations.

“This is another quintessentially coastal story,” Tedesco said, referencing Wavecrest’s history as a privately owned area-turned protected land with hundreds of individual parcels that had public access to the beach. This use created a network of informal trails that were not always safe or sensitive to the habitat.

Chamberlain said people probably won’t notice much of a difference as Coastside Land Trust will continue the work it has been doing already on the property. The land trust is in the process of extending the Wavecrest Trail so it connects the California Coastal Trail to Redondo Beach.

“We are really pleased to have the opportunity to incorporate these properties into our ongoing stewardship plan,” Chamberlain said.

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