In response to the planned PG&E power shut-offs in October, many people and businesses purchased generators to better prepare for a disruption in service. Now some of that equipment is missing.

“I think generators have become like gold,” Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau CEO Krystlyn Giedt said. 

Last week, Giedt sent out an email to about 500 Chamber members warning of the potential for theft of generators on the Coastside. 

“Between the PG&E shut-offs and the weather being not great, I’ve heard from a few people that their generators were stolen,” Giedt said. “Generators are a hot commodity and they are not cheap.” 

Giedt recommends storeowners invest in surveillance cameras to deter potential thefts. 

“People need to be prepared, I think just in general,” she said.

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