The Stone Dam pipeline, built in 1948, was one of Coastside County Water District’s first pipelines. When it failed in August 2012, CCWD installed a temporary plastic pipe, hoping to replace it by 2016. 

Seven years later, board members have now approved a million-dollar contract to install a new 2,510-foot pipeline this year.  

The pipeline falls on property belonging to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the CCWD, which meant the two districts had to collaborate to install a new one. CCWD General Manager David Dickson said they hope to complete construction by the end of November.   

“To make a long story short, we have complied with all of SFPUC’s requirements,” he said at the board’s Sept. 6 meeting. “We went over their final punch-list this morning, and we think that we are finally going to be ready to do this project when the marbled murrelet finish nesting.” 

“We’re still going through some of our permitting process,” incoming General Manager Mary Rogren said in an interview. “Assuming we can get through that, it should be done sometime in the next few months.”

The bid from Andreini Bros. Inc. was roughly $300,000 more than what was allotted for in the district’s capital improvement program budget. Dickson said the bid, which comes out to $400 per foot, is not “untypical nowadays.”

Rogren said CCWD has had to get more water from the Crystal Springs Reservoir to compensate, which is more expensive because it requires electricity to pump the water over the hill. The pipeline connected to Pilarcitos Reservoir uses gravity. 

Dickson said the temporary plastic pipeline has limited CCWD to about 700 gallons a minute and that the new one will more than double that. 

“This is something we’ve all been waiting for, from an operational standpoint,” Dickson said. “(It) really allows us to get a much greater supply from our Pilarcitos Reservoir.”

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