PG&E is closing a section of Highway 92 east of Half Moon Bay sporadically until at least Dec. 22 while it works on improving underground utilities.

One-way traffic control began on Monday and will remain in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at three locations 1.5 miles east of Half Moon Bay near Lemos Farms, PG&E spokeswoman Mayra Tostado said in an email to the Review. PG&E is upgrading its high-pressure regulators to reduce pressure from transmission lines to distribution lines, Tostado said.

The work and subsequent traffic snarls are creating problems for some on the coast. Lisa Cresson, the owner of Fog Town Toys, said she sat in westbound Highway 92 traffic for an hour coming from Belmont on Monday. She said she is concerned about how the traffic will deter customers coming from over the hill and hurt local businesses, particularly those who rely on a boost from seasonal holiday shopping.

“It would be great if PG&E reconsidered the impact of their maintenance on the surrounding businesses and the city itself,” Cresson said. “This is a time that’s lively for Half Moon Bay, and to have people turning around in traffic is really sad, especially at a time we’re trying to recover from the economic devastation of the pandemic.”

Half Moon Bay City Engineer Maziar Bozorginia said on Tuesday that the city didn’t receive notice of the work from PG&E until it had already begun on Monday. He noted that the city has reached out to PG&E to request that the work, which is happening outside city limits, be shifted to nighttime hours to alleviate daytime traffic.

“We’re still waiting to hear if that’s something that will happen, but we understand the impacts to everyone and ask folks to be patient and calm,” he said. “We're going to work with PG&E and see if they can change those hours.”

Because the work requires crews to simultaneously use the Caltrans’ right-of-way and access customers’ yards close to their houses, and the need to safely activate new equipment periodically, PG&E cannot shift the project to nighttime hours, Tostado said.

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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here ya' go

“We're going to work with PG&E and see if they can change those hours.”

Um, it’s outside of HMB limits and they’ve already demonstrated they don’t care about the impacts to the town. Don’t get your hopes up. The monopoly doesn’t have to work with you.


According to Caltrans this daily work isn't supposed to begin until 9:00 AM, not 7:00 AM. However, I noticed yesterday at 8:25 AM they were already closing the lane when I went through.


It's clear that for local businesses relying on holiday visitors to shop in Half Moon Bay and residents who need to go over the hill for holiday errands and those who commute to HMB for jobs - this is total disregard for common sense. It doesn't need to be done at night - but how about after the holidays.

John Charles Ullom

Hmmm. This happens at the same time our paternalistic City Council is banning gas appliances. Conspiracy!!!!!


As Usual, PG&E does things that are convenient for them with no regards for the locals or anyone else !! This just increases the bad taste that everyone has for PG&E !!

What are your plans if a log truck overturns on 92 ? What are your plans if a bad wreck occurs and paramedics , ambulances and fire trucks are blocked and can not get to the patients ?? What are your plans if someone is having a child birth or someone needs to get to their doctor or an ER ?

You need to stagger the days and do most of your work at night. Just because it is convenient for your crews, it does not make this acceptable to everyone else.


I second this sentiment. On Monday, I thought it was Caltrans. If they use Caltrans signs or cones, then they should have local government okay. I saw hundreds of cars on each direction. If one person sits an hour in this traffic and couldn't get to his/her appointment, let's say the economic damage is $50-100, then the total economic damage far exceeds whatever little patch of road block they put in to save for their work to be done. They should do this in the weekend, with CHP coordination.

John Gruver

Weekends? It's holiday season and most of the businesses over here make a goodly portion of their annual income at this time... PG&E should stop, and restart mid-January.


December really? Have they noticed Christmas tree farms, tourists coming here to shop? Why don't they just do it in October. Come on PG&E. I've been late for 2 doctor appts and late for 2 school drop-offs/pick-ups. I don't have the luxury of adding 45-60 mins to my commute each way, especially when it's a surprise. I'm going out on a limb and guessing if there were money involved or a competitor there wouldn't be mile long backups that delayed traffic for 1 hour that occurred only during the day, every day, for the busy shopping and visiting time 3 weeks before Christmas, with no announcement or notification before the work actually began. Yep, really going out on a limb here. Yet you've proved yourself once again PG&E....BRAVO FOR A FINE JOB!


It’s outrageous that PGE can do work that has such a significant impact on traffic flow without advanced notice to the surrounding communities. People have to get kids to school and also get to work, having this go on during those critical commute times is unacceptable. If they cannot work at night because of the nature of the project they need to work between 10 and 3 so as not to disrupt peak traffic times.


If PG&E can't work at night, they should postpone this work immediately until after the holidays. Who thought it would be a good idea to disrupt traffic in December? This could be devastating to our local businesses! Who has the clout to change this? Our local legislators...Jackie Spier? City Council? Senators? Really outrageous!

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