State standardized testing results indicate poor and disadvantaged Latino students are struggling to meet or exceed math and English proficiency levels. But Pescadero High School’s 11th-graders outperformed state and county averages. 

Pescadero High School’s low-income Latino students significantly outperformed state averages with 61 percent receiving proficient scores in math and 68 percent receiving proficient English scores. Across the state, only 44 percent of low-income Latino students are proficient in English and 17 percent in math. 

Although the 11th-grade class performed exceptionally well, the younger grades in the district were primarily consistent with or below state averages.

Principal Kevin Allen asked students why they were able to do so well on the standardized tests. The students credited the small classroom sizes and high expectations from teachers and parents. 

Superintendent Amy Wooliever said the high schoolers outperformed every high school in the county except for one. 

“Everything they said comports with what we already believe,” Allen said. “That small classes are essential. ... You can’t hide in this school. You’re not going to slip through the cracks. We make a concerted effort to focus on students who aren’t succeeding to the level they or their parents want.” 

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