As the Coastside Fire Protection District prepares to move into its new building by the first of the year, public agencies are considering how to use the vacated land nearby. 

The new station site, down the street from the original station, was approved in February 2018 and work began shortly thereafter. Tim Pond, the contractor on the project, said he expects the building will be completed on schedule in November. 

Pond said the new building’s living and dining areas will be separated from where firefighters store their smoke-contaminated clothing. That is an innovation the old station didn’t have. 

“Everything’s been going pretty smoothly,” Pond said. 

District board President Gary Burke said, although the board hasn’t officially decided to sell the old building, he feels “very confident it will be sold.” 

Meanwhile, the district sold the empty lot across the street, located at the corner of Obispo Road and Portola Avenue, for $1.3 million to the San Mateo County Harbor District, which outbid the Granada Community Services District for the land. The lot is approximately 13,500 square feet and the Harbor District is planning to build a headquarters office and relocate from its current location on Avenue Alhambra. 

Harbor Commission President Sabrina Brennan said the district is going forward with a request for proposals for an architect for the project. 

Brennan and Commissioner Edmundo Larenas both sit on a newly formed ad-hoc committee tasked with assisting in the design of the new office and considering a partnership with the Granada district to share the space. The ad-hoc committee met once since it was formed in June. 

“From my perspective, and it’s a big ‘if’ right now, but if it ended up working it would be nice to see a space that could be shared for public use,” Brennan said. 

She explained the Harbor District is still in early discussions on whether the GCSD will partner for a joint space. 

“I’d like to see something designed in a year,” Brennan said. She acknowledged the public process can take time and that will impact the overall timeline for completion. 

GCSD board President Matthew Clark said a partnership is still being considered, but ideas could range from a small park and green area on the property to co-ownership. 

“There are things we will be talking with them about,” Clark said. “I let the Harbor District know we’re still at, what do both districts want? … How could we go about figuring out priorities? And, if there’s cost involved, how we would do that.”

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