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The 3-zero cafe has been closed for months, but some potential operators have come forward. Kyle Ludowitz / Review

Nearly six months after 3-Zero Cafe owner Joe Gore announced his restaurant would be closing, two Montara residents entered into a lease agreement with San Mateo County for the space. They have plans to open a new cafe this spring. 

Husband-and-wife team Sachin Chopra and Shoshana Wolff plan to turn the space into a modern-themed bakery and cafe. 

“We’re really excited to be able to bring something new and delicious to the Coastside,” Wolff said. 

The restaurant will be different from the other eatery the couple owns in San Mateo called All Spice, which, as their website says, blends Indian, Japanese, Norwegian, Mediterranean and other cuisines.  

The cafe will have “really good coffee,” bread baked on site, traditional breakfast food and sandwiches and burgers for lunch, Wolff said. She described their vision for the restaurant as cozy, relaxed and family-friendly.

“We’re very excited to find a place so close to our home,” Wolff said. “It’s such a charming space. I love all the natural light.” 

She also said they hope to develop relationships with farms in the area to bring in locally sourced food. 

“We’re going to see what we can do to develop one-to-one relationships with (the farms) that so closely surround the restaurant,” she said. 

The lease will be for an initial term of five years, with the option to extend it. The lease states the tenants will be given a discounted rent to complete the required improvements and obtain their permits and licenses until the restaurant opens by April 1, 2020. Afterward, rent will be $2,332 a month with an annual adjustment. 

The required improvements include ensuring that wastewater pretreatment equipment is installed and repairs are done to the plumbing and septic system, among other requirements. Wolff said this will all be part of the cleanup process. 

“We’re working on a solution for that,” she said about the septic system, which Gore reported would overflow. 

Gore had operated 3-Zero Cafe for 25 years before closing its doors. It was a go-to spot for many aviators who flew into Half Moon Bay Airport and for locals who stopped in for breakfast or lunch. 

“We’re going to figure out exactly how we’ll bring the aviation history into the design, but we will definitely want to pay homage to that,” Wolff said. “It’s a pretty special place. We want to honor that.”

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