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Children's programming at Moonridge is getting back to normal after a water main break disrupted operations for months. Kyle Ludowitz/Review

For more than a year, students at Head Start Moonridge and the Moonridge Infant Center have been displaced due to a flood at the school. Soon, those kids and teachers will be moving back into their renovated digs.

On May 28, 2018, a main water line burst under Moonridge Apartments. The rush of water cracked the concrete foundation and flooded the building. The whole building was affected, and water was 2 to 3 feet high in some places. 

“We have amazing teachers who have gone above and beyond for the children and families,” said Leanne Hay, North County children’s services manager for the Institute for Human and Social Development.

The flood occurred over the Memorial Day weekend so the school was empty and no one was injured. It destroyed the contents of all the classrooms and caused significant damage. Repairs started almost immediately, and the school is scheduled to reopen in August.

Since the flooding, 20 preschool students, eight toddlers and 11 teachers and staff were forced to vacate their classrooms and find other accommodations. The home-based program, also located at the Moonridge facility, was also affected.

“Everyone has been so great to help us,” Hay said, however, “finding locations for the children was hard.”

The students of the infant center have been placed in temporary classrooms, and the teachers have been doing home visits. 

The preschool relocated to El Granada Elementary School, Hay said. 

After a year of work, the building is ready for the programs to move back in, and work has begun in getting the classrooms set up for classes. Employees are working on replacing the contents of the classrooms. Along with the restoration work, renovations include the addition of a new wall to divide two classrooms that were previously connected.

The school is scheduled to reopen and classes will resume for the first day of school during the third week of August, pending approval from the Community Care Licensing Division of the state of California.

This version corrects the agency whose approval is necessary for re-opening. 

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