One step closer

Crews positioned the new pedestrian bridge at Miramar Beach on Thursday. It won't open to foot traffic for a bit, but locals are excited to see the progress. Photo courtesy Michael Powers

A large aluminum bridge frame arrived in Miramar last week, the latest sign of progress from San Mateo County’s efforts to replace the Medio Bridge.

On Thursday, crews labored to position the 30,000-pound structure. But it's still unclear exactly when the bridge, which spans Arroyo de en Medio Creek and connects the Coastal Trail, will finally reopen to pedestrians and bikers. The bridge was supposed to be installed shortly after it arrived on April 20. But according to the county, the company that operates the 159,000-pound crane needed to install the bridge was waiting on Caltrans to permit the crane to drive over Highway 92. Early this week, almost two weeks after the aluminum frame arrived, Caltrans granted the permit.

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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Zack B

Shades of the Main Street Bridge which is still in need of replacement.

John Charles Ullom

They won't even maintain the MSB. Almost two million has been wasted designing a new bridge that will never be. Meanwhile, the cracks and potholes get bigger everyday allowing water to infiltrate the structure and hastening the day when there will be no choice but to replace.

Just another version of let it rust until it busts.

here ya' go

Three years (and counting!) to get to this point is too long. Certainly we can do better. And if not, someone had better get to work at Hwy1/Coronado.

John Charles Ullom

The Coastside Infrastructure repair policy is the rule.

“Let it rust until it busts!”


It’ll be fixed just in time for the new Seymour bridge to follow the fate of the old one.

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