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ALAS founder Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga speaks as part of a panel discussion on the coast's infrastructure travails on Thursday in Princeton. Clay Lambert / Review

A standing-room audience crowded into the Mavericks House in Princeton on Thursday night to hear community leaders discuss recent storms and the coast’s always-tenuous connections to the outside world. More recent traumatic events were also in the air at a special “Brews and Views” event.

The panel included state Sen. Josh Becker and San Mateo County Supervisor Ray Mueller. Social service leaders Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga, the founder of ALAS, and Puente Executive Director Rita Mancera were on hand as well as Half Moon Bay City Manager Matthew Chidester, San Mateo County Emergency Management Coordinator David Cosgrave and Caltrans representative Arnica McCarthy. The event was moderated by Coastsider Lenny Mendonca, who is a member of the board of directors of the Coastside News Group Inc., which owns the Review.

Clay Lambert is the editorial director for Coastside News Group. After years working at regional daily newspapers, he began as editor of the Half Moon Bay Review in 2004.

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I’d like to also add that these meetings should also include AT&T or other telephone companies that service the coast and also honor its customer requests to bring back their landlines.

Here in Montara, there are areas where Internet service is minimal at best. I’m grateful I have a landline for emergencies.


I attended this meeting. Was happy to hear the passion from our reps but disheartened by a repeat of the litany of our coastside problems - how many times have these been identified and discussed over the years? Unless our community demands accountability from our reps I fear that our priorities will soon be replaced by new ones elsewhere in the county. I would love to see Ray Mueller hold regular meetings here to update us on progress and let us know as concerned residents how we can help achieve improvements. I also think it would be helpful for this paper to publish information about upcoming government meetings that agendize our issues so we can show up to demand action. Unless we all get involved and push for action, the bureaucratic wheels will grind so slowly that we will again experience a repeat of the problems when the natural disaster occurs.

Lenny Mendonca

A link to video of event: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=915076766609745&id=100064781918287


Thank you Clay for reporting this event.

Brings hope to this rainy Friday.

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