Biking on the shoulder
Pedestrians are to be funneled onto the shoulder of Highway 1 since the Coastal Trail bridge at Medio Avenue was deemed unsafe. Adam Pardee / Review

Nearly two months after the closure of the Coastal Trail bridge at Medio Avenue, the county has secured the permit necessary to reroute pedestrians.

Caltrans approved the project’s encroachment permit application, according to an announcement at last week’s Midcoastal Community Council meeting.

Crash cushions and K rails have been delivered and should arrive this week. And the detour is expected to be completed in late September or early October.

Meanwhile, the San Mateo County Public Works Department continues to revise its design of the bridge replacement. Initial plans to build a new bridge where the old one still stands were met with resistance by the Half Moon Bay City Council. Designers are now revisiting plans with an eye to build inland, an option previously deemed difficult because of the authorization needed to build on private property.

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