Image- Harbor view inn plans
Some say a proposal to expand the Harbor View Inn is out of character with the Midcoast. Illustration Courtesy MCC

The ownership of El Granada’s Harbor View Inn envisions using the adjacent land to add on to the existing property at 51 Avenue Alhambra. The expansion would add 15 more guest rooms to the hotel, a conference room, an employee break area and a new reception area.

But the Midcoast Community Council has concerns about the project, including the building’s “massive and imposing bulk,” color scheme and how it would impact traffic. The MCC aired those worries at its July 24 meeting.

Similar concerns were voiced at a pre-application hearing four years ago. Records from the meeting indicated that people said the expansion would change the character of the area and that vacant lots are “valued characteristics of the neighborhood.” 

“The building is very massive and very bulky, which is out of character with the rest of that area of El Granada” MCC Chair Claire Toutant said at the July 24 meeting.

Architect and Coastal Design Review Committee member Katie Kostiuk sent feedback on the project to the MCC as a community member. She did not speak as a design review committee member because the committee cannot review commercial projects. The MCC has, however, recommended to the Board of Supervisors that the committee be allowed to review commercial projects like the Harbor View Inn proposal. Kostiuk said one of her biggest concerns is the proposed setback and height of the building. The plans show the expansion to sit right against the sidewalk and “towering over The Press,” the cafe next door. 

“(It’s) not keeping with the nature of the Coastside neighborhoods,” she said in a subsequent phone call. 

She also worries that the community isn’t aware of the project because there are no story poles to indicate a project is underway.  “If there were story poles, the community would know the project is going on and would see the mass and scale of it,” Kostiuk said. “It’s under the radar.” 

Management at Harbor View Inn declined to comment for this article. 

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