Waves before storm
About 40 surfing daredevils turned up on Wednesday morning for a big day at Mavericks. Photo courtesy Curt Myers / Powerlines Productions

Early on Wednesday morning, about half an hour after the sun crept over the horizon, filmmaker Curt Myers watched waves soar nearly 20 feet above the Pacific before crashing down offshore from Mavericks Beach. Even though Myers described the morning’s waves as “crumbly,” professional surfers and locals alike — many of whom paddled out while it was still dark — came en masse to surf swells nearly two stories tall.

Myers said the surf came together around noon. As the sun broke through the clouds, the winds began blowing offshore into the waves, coalescing with the day’s light winds and low tides to create ideal surfing conditions at Mavericks. For the next few hours, around 40 surfers were able to ride the epic break at the world-renowned surfing mecca.

“You just never know what you’re going to get,” said Myers. “It was a good warm-up day, for everything.”

Weather forecasters reported that the massive swells were stirred up by winds whipping across the Pacific on Wednesday, the harbinger of an approaching storm out at sea.

Myers said that several familiar Coastside faces were among those paddling out to catch the waves, including Hunter Murison, Michael Joshua and Mavericks daredevil Luca Padua.

“We actually all watched the footage last night, which was pretty cool,” added Myers. “Going over the footage with the guys over dinner and a couple of beers felt really cool. It’s just such a buzz when a day like this happens.”

But the pristine conditions didn’t last forever. The National Weather Service issued a high-surf warning earlier today, expected to last until Friday, warning of “strong rip currents” and “large, run-up waves.”

“Never turn your back to the ocean,” the weather service advised.


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