San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Redwood City man they say attacked a bicyclist near Surfer’s Beach on Tuesday.

The female victim was riding her bicycle on the 4000 block of N. Cabrillo Highway at about 9:07 a.m. at the time of the unprovoked attack. Witnesses said they saw the man, Andrew William Seba Kern, run across the highway and tackle the woman as she was riding along the trail near the beach, causing her to fall over the embankment. Kern allegedly took the bike and threw it on top of her as she yelled for help.

Surfers and others in the area ran to help, and witnesses said Kern threatened one surfer who was giving aid to the woman.

Witnesses pointed out Kern to responding deputies and he was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, intimidating a witness and committing a felony while out on bail.

Coastside Fire Protection District firefighters rendered aid to the woman, who was reportedly not seriously injured in the attack.

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I ask the HMB Review to post his picture so when he is inevitably released we can recognize him and avoid him.

John Charles Ullom

Hew has really pretty blue eyes.

The Forlorn Hope

well social distancing obviously was blown, lets hope he was wearing his mask...

John Charles Ullom

The perp has a long case record Lots of driving infractions, vandalism, giving false info, drug peddling,

Other factoids:

Was out on bond when he committed this assault. Has spent more than a few nights at the SMCSO pokey. Often fails to appear. Jailed in 2018 for assault. Often fails to comply with officer directives. Drives without insurance. Drives without a license. And speeding.

Has been acting this way since Newsom was cheating on a Fox talking head who is now Don Jr's girlfriend, with the wife of a close friend.

Scott McVicker

The elephant stands quietly by.

Why this male and why this female?

Tackled. Pushed over an embankment. Bike thrown.

How are they connected?


Pretty much random but I find it provocative and rather unnerving that the Review did not mention that it was Michelle Dragony, a local kingpin and media wiz. Of course she will probably preach forgiveness but when you mess with the coast, you get da boot, brah. Mental health services never worked for this one. Too bad the county keeps giving him chances; next time it'll be a kid, a death or both. Mental Health services and mucho jail time for this monkey. Kooks Go Home!

John Gruver

WOW! Unbelievable.


In the world of Garcetti and Gadcon and Newsom, this felon will not serve under COVID threat, "cost savings", overbearing writ, and disenfranchisement. In fact, we are NOW told we need to thank felons for time served. A slap on the wrist, and empathy to follow.


Seriously?!? If you want to get into politics you can go back as far as Reagan and that fantastic governor who was actually recalled. Why make this about blue and red and just take ownership for each one of our actions. Instead of disenfranchisement, I might use a word entitlement or narcissism. And no, I didn't vote for Gavin but I'm sick of plebeians and minions jumping into a game they know nothing about.

The Forlorn Hope

Let's see... "Entitlement or Narcissism" & "I'm sick of plebeians and minions jumping into a game they nothing about" ...

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