Coastside nonprofits are preparing for the second-annual local giving day Coastside Gives. It’s sponsored by the Mavericks Coastside Foundation and the East Bay Community Foundation.

Nearly two dozen local nonprofits are participating in the one-day event, including Coastside Hope, the Coastal Arts League, Puente de la Costa Sur, the Half Moon Bay High School Foundation, and Abundant Grace Coastside Worker.

The day of giving is scheduled for May 4.

Last year, Coastside Gives raised nearly a quarter-million dollars for local nonprofits. That event was held under the umbrella of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Silicon Valley Gives 24-hour online giving day. This year, however, the SVCF suspended its day of giving, so Coastside Gives is partnering with the East Bay Community Foundation’s program East Bay Gives.

“When SVCF decided not to move forward this year, we didn’t want to see that giving go away,” said Mavericks Coastside Foundation board member Kelly Hoffman-Davis. “The Coastside is a unique beast.”

A wide variety of Coastside nonprofits are participating, from those that focus on education, to others combatting homelessness and increasing art appreciation. The day contains elements of local philanthropy, education and even a little bit of friendly competition among the nonprofits.

Donors can make gifts online, and a giving table at New Leaf Community Market in Half Moon Bay will provide information and opportunities to donate.

“A lot of people on the coast really wanted to donate and be involved but weren’t really aware of the opportunities,” said Davis.

Two prize pools provide additional fundraising incentives for the nonprofits. The Mavericks Coastside Foundation has raised $24,000 for prize money exclusively for nonprofits located on the Coastside. In addition to participation and raffle prizes, there are $1,000 prizes for organizations with the greatest number of unique donors within each hour of the day. The Coastside nonprofits are also eligible for prizes through the East Bay Community Foundation.   

The event is intended to bolster charitable giving, but also to strengthen community ties, said Hoffman-Davis.

“Having all these nonprofits work together makes our community stronger,” she said. “The message is basically we’re stronger together.”          

For more information on the day of giving, visit

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