A coalition of lawmakers today urged state transportation agency to work quickly to repair the hole that opened up on Highway 92 on Thursday creating a traffic nightmare for Coastsiders. Meanwhile, there is still no word on when the road will re-open.

Assemblymember Marc Berman, state Sen. Josh Becker and San Mateo County Supervisor Ray Mueller issued the following statements:

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here ya' go

Please keep the Lawmakers out of this mess. They get nothing accomplished on time.

Scott McVicker

Dangit, you beat me to this comment.

Tyler Durden

Well if I was the Caltrans CEO, I would ask these pandering politicians: “Do you want it fixed fast or fixed properly?”

Politicians want the former but Caltrans will always go with the latter (2005 Devil’s slide fix is the perfect example). Doing some kind of hybrid 1-way work-around while trying to fix it will just delay the project.

Better to bite the bullet now, close the road and fix it properly. People can still get to where they need to go by alternative routes.


After assessment, If base under opposite lane is safe, controlled one-way use should allow for long term fix of failed lane. If not, a temporary two lane bridge should be put in place North or South of repair work! (See US Corp of Engineers)?!

Other than commercial trucks, ask those without emergencies to take 84 or Cabrillo hwy!


Good information in the article, but it would really benefit from having a picture of what they are dealing with.


Does this mean that all of the traffic to the landfill will be suspended? I think we're going to need some better traffic control on Highway 1 until this is fixed. School and emergency traffic is going to be problematic as well. No fuel deliveries for awhile as well, unless the law is changed to allow fuel trucks through Tom Lantos. Does HMB and SMC have any disaster planning scenarios for this predictable situation? Keep us posted. Thanks.


I saw a garbage truck leaving Half Moon Bay get waved through the roadblock today on its way to Ox Mountain. I also believe that local traffic (like to the garden stores and homes) is allowed.


Wednesday and Thursday on my way home via Pacifica I saw plenty of garbage trucks going the same way I was.

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