After several years of planning and design, a draft of the planned Hyatt Place hotel’s environmental impact on Half Moon Bay is now complete and available for public review.

The report, published by Circlepoint, an environmental consulting firm based in Oakland, outlined concerns raised by Half Moon Bay planning commissioners in 2021 that hotel construction would result in several “significant impacts” on the town and nearby residents. Those include blocking and degrading public views, new sources of light and glare, air pollution and encroaching on protected wetlands. The report states that an unavoidable consequence of the building is that it will obstruct views of the Santa Cruz Mountains from Highway 1, and will change the aesthetic of Half Moon Bay’s southern gateway. 

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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Steve Hyman

Sounds to me like these are the usual reasons to block everything that we have all heard for decades.

I drive past this site everyday and most of the times my eyes are drawn to the ocean, opposite the mountains. But after reading the Review's article, I've been staring at the hotel site and the story poles that are still up.

In the 5 seconds or so it takes me to pass the future hotel site, what I see through the story poles are the fire station, the theater and Main Street housing. The ridge of the hotel site doesn't seem to block the mountains, just the buildings behind it. And again at 50mph whatever view is so important and majestic is only partially obscured for just a few seconds.

And our dear red legged frogs always seems to mysteriously appear on every proposed building site, Like I said its the same old excuses we've heard for so long.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could approve things here in a timely manner instead of dragging things out for years.

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