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Half Moon Bay High School graduate David Pantera has been honored by Forbes magazine. He is now a student at Stanford. Review File Photo

Half Moon Bay High School alumnus David Pantera, who will be a junior this year at Stanford University, has been selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar. 

This October, he will attend a summit in Detroit where he can meet other Forbes 30 Under 30 winners of the award given to young entrepreneurs in 20 different industries, and attend workshops and lectures and meet other scholars. 

“Most people my age want to do a lot of good in our communities and in our world,” said Pantera, who is majoring in economics and will serve as one of Stanford’s junior class presidents. “Some of it comes from fear of what the future will look like, but a lot of it is from passion. The biggest barrier to entry is a fear of lack of support. ... It’s refreshing to know Forbes is willing to stick its neck out to support people who want to do really good things.”

Pantera hopes to continue to build a support system and network at the summit and take what he learns back to Stanford. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots.   

“I attribute a lot of what I’m able to do at Stanford now to the support at Half Moon Bay,” he said. “... I knew nothing but love and support from members of the community.”

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