Getting 'Knowsy'
David Pantera, left, plays a game he hopes will help to build empathy between neighbors. Photo courtesy David Pantera

Recent Half Moon Bay High School graduate David Pantera has a plan for jazzing up Half Moon Bay’s National Night Out on Tuesday. Borrowing from the philosophy that people get to know each other best when playing games, Pantera says he hopes to bring the board game “Knowsy” to each of Half Moon Bay block parties that night.

National Night Out is an event aimed at introducing neighbors and their local law enforcement. Pantera says he sees this game as fitting right into that premise.

“My dream is a National ‘Day of Play,’ where communities across the nation play ‘Knowsy’ to build empathy and connections with people they may have otherwise never taken the time to get to know,” Pantera wrote for a GoFundMe page devoted to raising money for purchasing and distributing the games in Half Moon Bay and Santa Fe, N.M.

“When I watch the news, I worry that our society is devaluing the importance of empathy and compassion,” Pantera continues. “As a young adult that has me worried. When we lose empathy and compassion our communities crumble.”

The game is created by Conteneo, Inc. a software company based in Sunnyvale. The centers around knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the other players with the idea of building compassion and understanding.

In addition to covering the cost of the games and Pantera’s travel to New Mexico, money raised will benefit the Every Voice Engaged Foundation, a nonprofit focused on civic engagement as a way to solve various issues.

Pantera’s GoFundMe page can be found at

The Half Moon Bay National Night Out event runs from 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

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