Eddie Andreini

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to rename the Half Moon Bay Airport in honor of the late Coastside aerobatics pilot Eddie Andreini, seen here in the back seat of a Stearman biplane. Review file photo

Eddie Andreini Sr.’s legacy as a prominent Coastsider and air show pilot will live on at the place where he first learned to fly.

On Tuesday, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution naming the Half Moon Bay Airport airfield in Andreini’s honor. Daughter-in-law Sandra Andreini approached Supervisor Don Horsley with the idea a couple months after Andreini’s death. Andreini perished in a Bay Area air show crash in May 2014.

“We were thrilled the county agreed to honor him with this – (aviation) was a huge part of his life,” Sandra Andreini said afterward. “He would have loved it. He loved to see his name in lights.”

Andreini was well known on the Coastside for his aviation stunts, community involvement and expertise in the construction world through the Andreini Brothers business he helped start.

Speaking about the recognition, Horsley lauded Andreini’s construction acumen and aviation skills.

“He was so well known in the circles of aviation, especially with people who do stunt flying; he was really an icon with that group of folks,” Horsley said last week. “It was a tragic end, but he died doing what he loved.”

It will take time for the new signage to go up at the airport, as the California Coastal Commission has to approve the sign first. After that, Sandra Andreini says family and friends will likely hold a small party at the airport to celebrate.

“I wanted to do this for the people here that miss and love him,” Sandra said of her father-in-law. “It’s not just for Eddie and us – it’s for the community.”

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HMB Surf

This is wonderful news. What a great way to honor Eddie's memory at what was likely his favorite location on earth.

Great job by Sandy, the Andreini family, and the supervisors to think of this and make it happen. I'm looking forward to thinking of Eddie Sr. and smiling every time I drive by the airport and see the sign.


Wonderful news! Yes, I believe Eddie is smiling.

A Huge Thank You to Sandy, the entire Andreini family and the SMC Board of Supervisors for getting this idea and turning it into reality (and anyone else that played a part in this).

It is more than appropriate. It is fitting and it will last for generations to come. Just Outstanding news.

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