Historic day in HMB
Half Moon Bay city officials gathered with leaders of the Half Moon Bay History Association on Friday morning to sign a 25-year agreement that allows the history buffs to use the Johnston Street jail and barn in efforts to tell the story of the coast. The history association has been using the jail and renovating the barn for some time now. Clay Lambert / Review

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I'm not clear on what has changed? Will there be more community offerings happening at the space now?

D Olson

The History Association has submitted plans to remodel the old garage (barn) behind the jail into a museum. Now that we have the lease, and (we hope) with the plans being approved soon, we'll start construction sometime in the next 4-6 months.

Once the new museum is up and running, we may have some events there, but it's primarily additional exhibits, and room for more people to be in the museum at a time.

The micro-museum in the jail will remain in operation at least until the new museum is open, but won't be too much different from what it is now.'

Before this lease was signed, the History Association only had a short term (2 year) license to operate the small museum in the jail, @vasa

John Charles Ullom

Congratulations Mr. Cresson! Great job. Special credit should go to Councilmember Penrose for daring to suggest our old jail was not Marina Fraiser's clubhouse. For over a decade Fraiser used the jail for her own amusement. Now that she has lost control of it the public can once again enjoy .

Both Penrose and Cresson were insulted by Fraiser for daring to challenge her. I was there when it happened. They persevered and our community won!

August West

"For over a decade Fraiser used the jail for her own amusement. " This is a complete lie. Not surprised to see this kind of stuff up here.

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