There was some good news this afternoon, as one lane of Highway 92 reopened after being closed for about five hours due to flooding. However, at 3:30 p.m., the skies over the coast were once again threatening.

Officer Art Montiel of the California Highway Patrol said that the eastbound lane was now open along Highway 92 and that some traffic was getting through. He said it was likely that officers would work one-way traffic control for the time being.

He said Caltrans was working on reopening the westbound lane.

It was not immediately clear why the road flooded; it doesn't often flood in a downpour. Nearby Pilarcitos Creek reached minor flooding status earlier this morning and that could be the reason.

The status of Highway 84 was not immediately clear. Authorities reported some trees and wires down earlier in the day. There was an overturned truck on Interstate 280 north of Highway 92 and flooding reported throughout the region. The commute home threatened to be difficult.

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It was not immediately clear why the road flooded; it doesn't often flood in a downpour. Well lets look at PG&E, digging multiple trenches in that area, not removing any of the dirt. were they piling it up in the normal drainage areas? Why were they doing this work in December? Killing local business during their peak season. Unbelievable, hopefully someone should hold them accountable for this, numerous businesses on 92 were flooded with tens of thousands of merchandise damaged or destroyed.

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