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The Review Editorial Board met with all of the candidates for several local offices. We have endorsed candidates for Half Moon Bay City Council, Cabrillo Unified school board, Midcoast Community Council and the San Mateo Harbor District. As a reminder, here are those endorsements.

Half Moon Bay City Council: Harvey Rarback wants to proactively repair infrastructure. Adam Eisen is a businessman with energy and ideas.

Cabrillo Unified School District trustees: Kate Livingston has learned on the job and deserves another term. Kim Hines is a former teacher with the intellectual chops to move the board forward.

San Mateo County Harbor Commission: Sabrina Brennan is a lightning rod who has brought positive change to the district. Tom Mattusch is a steady hand at the wheel and can be trusted to stay above politics. Virginia Chang Kiraly is a thoughtful public servant with a finance background. Vote for Coastsider Ed Larenas for the two-year seat. He is a longtime environmental steward and a calming presence.

Midcoast Community Council: Barbra Mathewson has been involved in local issues for a long time and deserves a chance to represent Midcoast issues.

-- Review Editorial Board

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"Review Editorial Board "

Who is on the Editorial Board, and what are their party registration. Quit hiding behind a veil, we demand it from big pharma, big banks, and unions.

Whom is on the board, and what is their party affiliation so we can look through a transparent lenses.

Be above it HMB Review. Guessing it's pretty much Clay and Bill... but let's call a spade a spade (for once).

August West

Of course.

And they are not particularly well-versed in most of the issues involving special districts. They rarely cover them and Clay does not live here (or even in San Mateo County).

Not sure they really care.

Clay Lambert Staff
Clay Lambert

Hello Thalassa, fair question.

The Half Moon Bay Review Editorial Board consists of myself, the editor, and Bill Murray, the publisher. We didn't mean to be obtuse and perhaps should have just listed our names, as I do with most editorials.
As for party affiliation, for what it's worth, we are both Democrats. As we only endorse for non-partisan races, I'm not sure why it matters. We did not ask any of the candidates for their party affiliation.
Thanks for your comments.

John Charles Ullom

It has been known for a very long time who the Editorial Board is. It seems that it is traditional for newspapers to issue endorsements in the name of the Editorial Board and such. For example the Daly Journal issues endorsements under the name of the Daly Journal: --

The Washington Post issues endorsements under the name of the Editorial Board: --

All in all a wild swing and mighty whiff.


I think the Review made some endorsement mistakes. This is why I go to the community, neighbors, coworkers and my personal experiences with the candidates for guidance before I vote.

August West

Yep, starting with Sabrina Brennan.

Right "Marc?"


Actually, I voted for Sabrina.

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