PG&E is using two helicopters to perform safety work on power poles and lines on the Coastside resulting in increased helicopter traffic near the Half Moon Bay Airport. The work is scheduled to continue through Wednesday.

The company is using helicopters to transport crews and supplies to inaccessible areas, according to spokeswoman Andrea Menniti. 

The work is part of PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Inspection Program. Almost all of the Coastside area is labeled as having elevated or extreme fire threat by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Menniti added that PG&E will begin a separate project of helicopter inspections in the Half Moon Bay area on July 12. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., beginning next week, helicopters will fly along power lines looking for trees that could pose fire threats. Helicopter inspections are meant to complement ground inspections, according to PG&E’s website. The helicopters will fly along power lines at an altitude of  300 to 500 feet.

The company, which serves an area from Bakersfield to Humboldt County, plans to inspect 25,200 miles of power lines across the state. 

PG&E said it will make phone calls and send letters to residents ahead of scheduled helicopter traffic. Questions can be directed to or (877) 295-4949.  

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