Harbor Vista offices

The San Mateo County Harbor District will rent the second floor of this El Granada building. Photo courtesy Sabrina Brennan

The San Mateo County Harbor Commission plans to move its administrative offices into an El Granada building that is already home to local government offices.

The commission voted unanimously on April 2 to move offices that are currently at Oyster Point into the three-story building at 504 Avenue Alhambra. The Harbor Vista office building is where the Granada Sanitary District offices are currently located and also where the Midcoast Community Council holds its twice-monthly meetings.

The Harbor Commission agreed to spend $1.8 million for the building and plans to pay for it in cash rather than incur more debt. The building includes retail space on the first floor and space that has been used for offices on the second and third floors.

The building is largely vacant now. The GSD is currently the only tenant in the 6,600-square-foot building. GoPro, the rapidly expanding adventure camera manufacturer, had leased the building’s second floor until last year when the company relocated over the hill.

Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan, who has pushed for the district to move its administrative offices to the Coastside, said she hopes the GSD continues to be a tenant in the building.

“We don’t need the entire building,” she said. “One of the advantages of owning it is that we can lease out space, and hopefully have our meetings there in the future.”

The Harbor District is currently leasing office space in South San Francisco, where it operates the Oyster Point Harbor. The district has a one-year lease on that space with options to renew. Even as they signed that lease, most harbor commissioners said they preferred to find space on the Coastside.

Harbor District officials aren’t sure when they might move into the new building. It requires the approval of the California Division of Boating and Waterways, which is under the California State Parks umbrella. The state agency has a say in any land purchase made by the district because the district owes the state about $7 million.

In a separate issue, the Harbor District also voted 4-1 to prepare documents that could ultimately lead to the sale of 2.25 acres at the intersection of Obispo Road and Avenue Portola in El Granada. That land was first declared surplus in 1975, but the district never sold it.

“It’s just been sitting there,” said Harbor Commission Chairman Robert Bernardo after the meeting. “It’s not generating any revenue for the district.”

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Moving the Harbor Districts administrative office to South San Francisco was disastrous for Pillar Point Harbor. For the past ten years Harbor Commissioner Jim Tucker worked to prevent the San Mateo County Harbor District headquarters from returning to the Coastside. It's absurd that Commissioner Jim Tucker spent years fighting with Commissioners Ken Lundie and Sally Campbell in an effort to obstruct progress.

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