Laura Snideman

Laura Snideman has announced her resignation from City Hall.

Half Moon Bay City Manager Laura Snideman, who shepherded the city through four tumultuous years of economic slump and recovery, will be leaving her position, according to a city announcement late Friday afternoon. Her last day will be March 19.

Snideman will be leaving the city to accept an unspecified executive position in Napa County, her childhood home. Family considerations were a major factor in her decision to leave, according to a city spokesman.

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Coastside Citizen

No surprise here - it was obvious as soon as the "special meeting" was called.

Maybe we should outsource the City Manager position. We should definitely outsource the City Council - the current one is too inbred.

John Charles Ullom

"Often to the ire of critics, council members rarely contradicted Snideman or challenged her decisions for the city."

Flip that. The City Council liked Snideman because she didn't contradict THEM. She figured out what they were all about when they ignored her advice and wasted 450 grand on the backup emergency operations center.

Which is why it is so perfect that she chose to quit at a Closed Session meeting in the backroom of the backup emergency operations center.


How is it we are all taught how city workers are so loyal and work for nothing, they get unbelievable salaries, perks, and golden parachutes, and yet they leave at the first get go? If she was such a saint, why can't she hold a job? Why do these people who are always so sad to leave, always leave?

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