Wilkinson School in El Granada has closed for the rest of the week after a member of the school community came down with what the school described as “mild, flu-like symptoms.” The individual has not been tested for coronavirus, according to an email from the school.

Sea Crest School will close tomorrow through March 27. Administrators there said, that while no one has presented any symptoms at their school, they were closing as a precaution. They plan to offer distance learning options while the campus is closed.

Wilkinson School was closed on Wednesday and would remain closed through the rest of the week, the school says. In the interim, it will receive a “deep clean” and teachers will use the time to prepare for at-home learning should further developments require the school to be closed longer than anticipated.

The school says the affected individual had also traveled recently, though not apparently to a region of the world that has been widely affected.

Wilkinson is the first Coastside school to suspend classes in the wake of a global pandemic due to the spread of novel coronavirus. Several schools over the hill have closed and many California colleges have gone to distance-learning techniques in an effort to educate students in their homes.

School administrators in both the Cabrillo Unified and La Honda-Pescadero Unified school districts have been monitoring the situation closely. Administrators say they are taking their cues from county health and education officials. While San Mateo County Health Officer Scott Morrow has called for a suspension of all non-essential gatherings, he specifically excluded local schools from the order. Officials recognize that closing schools would be a burden to many families and that many young students are ill-equipped to learn from home.

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