Sunflowers at Andreotti farm

The sunflower field was just starting to bloom when this photo was taken at Andreotti Family Farms in Half Moon Bay. The field is awash in bright green and yellow in time for a unique event planned for Saturday. Photo courtesy Andreotti Family Farms

If October means pumpkins, the “s” in September could come to stand for sunflowers on the coast if a new family-friendly event takes off at Andreotti Family Farms.

On Saturday, Sept. 11, the farm at 800 Cabrillo Highway, where the frontage road meets Highway 1 in Half Moon Bay, will host a unique “Fairy Festival and High Tea” at the Andreotti sunflower farm.

There are four performances scheduled for that day from the fairies, a satyr, a Flower Queen and renowned performers. The performers will mingle with guests after each show and then release them into the fields to pick their own magical sunflowers to take home. The show director is Christopher Childers, who has worked on many Las Vegas shows and with performers including Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Guests are encouraged to dress in their magical best and can add a set of fairy wings to their tickets to be honorary Andreotti sunflower fairies forever more.

Another highlight will be high tea. The menu includes traditional tea sandwiches, assorted tea cookies, curried chicken salad and, of course, teas, sparkling water and wine, and the complements.

For details, visit and look for details on the sunflower field.

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