Audit finds issue
The Half Moon Bay Dunkin’ Donuts has been fined $33,000 for not having workers compensation insurance for its 22 employees for a time in 2017. Kyle Ludowitz / Review

The Half Moon Bay Dunkin’ Donuts franchise faces a $33,000 fine after a previous general manager was served by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement because the business was reportedly not providing its employees with workers compensation insurance.

The discovery was made through a random audit. Each quarter, state authorities identify 500 businesses to examine in order to determine whether they are in compliance with regulations related to workers compensation, stated California Department of Industrial Relations spokesman Lucas Brown last week.

While the Half Moon Bay Dunkin’ Donuts was reportedly not in compliance, other Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the state were, Brown noted.

The $33,000 charge reflects a $1,500 fee for each of the 22 employees who were working there at the time of the Nov. 30, 2017 violation, according to court documents.

The business was issued a stop order on Nov. 30 and lifted the following day after management secured and provided proof of insurance, Brown said.

State authorities say the $33,000 fine has not been paid yet.

— Carina Woudenberg


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