investigation ongoing in Montara

An early morning beach walker came upon the body of a middle-age woman at Montara State Beach on Tuesday. Details were scarce as California State Parks and San Mateo County Sheriff's Office investigators arrived at the scene. August Howell / Review

Around 7:15 a.m., Tuesday morning, a beachgoer pulled a dead body out of the water at Montara State Beach, authorities say.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office deputies are still investigating, but it appears the body belonged to a woman in her 50s. The woman was wearing a bathing suit and water shoes and had been dead “for quite some time” when her body was recovered, according to sheriff’s office spokeswoman Rosemerry Blankswade.

The coroner’s office did not have any information about the women’s identity as of late Tuesday morning.

According to Blankswade, investigators found no signs of foul play and think it was an accidental drowning.

“People forget how treacherous the Pacific Ocean is, especially on the California coastline,” she said. “We want everyone to be cautious and careful and to use the buddy system.”

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Very sad news. I hope her loved ones can be located, notified and comforted.

Cid Young

Tragic! But I paused to wonder why no one has reported a missing person, if she had actually “been in the water (presumably drowned) for some time “ In these days of Covid, we should stay in touch with each other. I live alone, so if l didn’t come home, l’d hope after awhile, a neighbor might notice. I have a neighbor on the opposite side of the street who, if l haven’t seen her for awhile, l’ll just give her a call for a friendly check-in, because I know she lives alone too. (Sometimes she fusses at me for it, but our neighbor Bob did pass away inside his house alone.) It had only been 2-3 days when his sister back east in New York called me to please go check on him, because she’d been unable to reach him since Sunday (she called him everyday) so I went over and saw no garbage cans out front on trash day, rang his doorbell, etc. and saw his two cars in the garage through the side window but no answer, and I told her that. She had me contact 911 and they came to do a wellness check but by then she was so upset she couldn't remember the key code to his garage entry, so they broke his window (with her permission) to get in and found him inside, deceased. That’s why l check on my neighbor periodically!

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