When an idea for a playground at Avenue Balboa faced opposition from those living closest to the area, the Granada Community Services District and Parks Advisory Committee started looking for a new location. 

Burnham Strip seemed to be a possibility since the community has sought for years to protect it. Now the GCSD will consider sending out another survey to collect more feedback on the strip.

“We want to bring a proposal to the next board meeting on Aug. 15 for a community survey that would cover summer recreation for 2020 ... (and) more Burnham input,” said Parks Advisory Committee Chair Nancy Marsh at the GCSD July 18 meeting. “It would be timed to go out at the same time as invitations to the next Burnham meeting.”

“Anytime there’s a community park, it has to be for the community,” said Parks Advisory Committee Vice Chair Patrick Tierney in an interview. “We want to make sure ... that the community wants it, supports it. However, in any community, there’s a diversity of opinion.” 

That diversity of opinion became evident in a 2015 survey. Tierney found that almost 70 percent of respondents said they had to travel over the hill or to Half Moon Bay to meet their recreational needs at least occasionally. Of those, 30 percent said they made such a trip frequently. 

Responses were varied on what types of recreational activities people wanted to see in their area, whether it was hiking, swimming, playgrounds or others. 

No plans have been made for Burnham Park, but there are “initial conceptual drawings,” Tierney said. 

District President Matthew Clark said the process for acquiring more community feedback could include mailings, special meetings or public discussions. There’s no guarantee the park will be built. 

“The Burnham Park plan will be right in front of the town and everybody sees it and knows about it. People are very concerned,” Clark said in an interview.

Adding to the delays are other concerns the district has such as moving the jetty skate ramp and the ongoing litigation between the city of Half Moon Bay and the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside.   

“We are moving on it,” Clark said. ”but it’s government. Things are just slow.”

Tierney thinks the community needs recreation facilities, whether it’s a park or a swimming pool. 

“The community is blessed, extremely blessed, with fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities,” he said. “But that doesn’t satisfy all the recreation needs for a community.” 

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